After Care


  • For larger tattoos: I will simply use plastic wrap. Plastic wrap only needs to stay on for 3 - 4 hours. Follow the Removal and Washing instructions below.


  • For small to medium size tattoos: I will use Saniderm. First designed to help heals cuts and burns by the medical field. It is a very thin, transparent, flexible film used to protect new tattoos against fluids, friction, bacteria, and viruses. Unlike plastic films, Saniderm is breathable which allows moisture vapor and oxygen exchange while providing a moist wound environment for enhanced healing. When Saniderm is applied immediately after the tattoo session, the tattoo is protected from dirt and germs. It lets you go about your daily work and life schedule without the tedious and painful process of fresh tattoo aftercare. Saniderm can also reduce scabbing, reduce pain, and maintain ink integrity.
    Leave the bandage on for 3 to 7 days, but no less than 24 hours. If your tattoo is on a difficult area such as a joint or back, you can leave it on for longer. Your body will tell you what it likes and what it doesn't. If the bandage creates any irritation, remove as soon as you can, following the instructions below.
    You cannot workout with this bandage on, as sweat will get trapped inside.



You may shower while the Saniderm is on, but do not bathe or soak your tattoo. After each wash, check to make sure that no outside water has gotten under the plastic. If it has, remove immediately and follow instructions below. If the bandage begins to fall off and expose the tattoo, remove immediately and follow instructions below.

​Upon removal, wash the tattoo in a clean environment. I suggest removing while in the shower. Gently peel in the direction of hair growth. With the palms of your CLEAN hands, massage and was the tattoo with lukewarm water and an unscented soap. You will know it is clean once the tattoo is no longer slick or slimy. Allow the tattoo to air-dry or pat with clean towel or paper towel.
I personally like to have some Bactine on hand to spray on the tattoo if its feeling sore. This can be bought from a drug store. Its great for reducing any pain, redness or itching. Though keep in mind, your tattoo shouldn't hurt more that the tattooing process itself during the healing process.

Email me with pictures AND see a doctor about any health concerns.

Listen to your body and judge how dry the tattoo is, but the general rule is at least once a day, use a fragrance, alcohol and color free lotion (Aquaphor & Tattoo Goo are best recommended.) Always wash your hands to apply lotion; you do not want to rub dirt or germs into your new tattoo. Do not pick or scratch the tattoo. Moisturizing also helps with any itching.

Further notes:

Your tattoo is a wound.

Give your tattoo at least 2 weeks to fully heal!
Wash and pat your tattoo with a damp towel if the tattoo is exposed to any unclean elements (dirt, sweat)

Make sure your bedding and clothing are clean.

Don't wear anything so tight that your tattoo cannot breathe or has the potential to peal any scabbing.

Keep your pets away from your tattoo! Even wool can irritate.
For lower leg tattoos: Keep your leg elevated and inactive for the first day.
Joints: Keep movement to a minimum, Be mindful. Your skin stretching can effect any scabbing and prolong healing.

Torso: Be mindful of your movements. Keeping movement to a minimum will help healing.

Touch ups are free! Please contact me within a month, after the tattoo has healed, to book a touch up.

Please contact me directly via email if you have any concerns!

Overall, listen to your body!